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Alaska Elections Blog

By Jordan Shilling


Abraham Lincoln’s 1840 GOTV Plan

Before Lincoln was in Congress, he served as a Whig Party leader in Illinois.  In 1840, he wrote a confidential memo to his party troops about a Get Out The Vote plan.  It is striking how similar their strategy and tactics were compared to modern GOTV: Confidential. January 1, 1840. To MESSRS ________ GENTLEMEN:–In obedience to a resolution of […]


A Brief Aside

Although you don’t need to remember your voter identification number, it would be cool to have a really low, easy-to-remember one.  Imagine how jealous your friends would be.  Mine is 982995. As I looked at the voter database today, I noticed a handful of elite voters with coveted single-digit ID numbers:  William Sheffield (1), Stephen […]


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